Huntington Beach – Newport News, VA

I launched from Huntington Beach Park tonight, and I think I found my new favorite playground. I sailed mostly within a 1/4 mile radius of the beach area because the W NW wind seemed to have a stronger band through that area. Most of the night was spent sailing back to shore, relaxing, then heading back out over-powered on 6.5, 95l for some 3-4′ ramps. I have no clue how to jump, but having a captive audience on the beach, pier, and in the restaurant pushed me to get a few feet of air on a couple of the runs. By the end, I started to figure out the whole jibing in waves thing, but I was otherwise able to touch sandy bottom all but one of the fails. I also managed to pop out of the harness line over a wave and somehow launched into a complete sumersault before hitting the water. (mental note to remember GoPro) I think the van is going to remain loaded up from now on for more after work sessions.

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