President: Chris Coyne
Vice President: Chad Perkins 617-2920
Secretary: Jean Grunwald 846-4676
Treasurer:  John Quinn 478-8582

Members at Large
Keith Knight
Javier Garriz
Bruce Powers 761-3036
Mark Rinschler

Committee Members
Lotto Committee: Yvette Pearson 285-7920, Chad Perkins 617-2920, Pete Wells
Race Committee: John Contos 472-5830 John Quinn 478-8582, Ute Wells
Festival committee: Steve Newing
Intro organizer: Dave Trumpoldt 846-1056
Beach Access: Glenn Woodell 478-WIND
Web Master: Jean Grunwald 846-4676
Community liaison: Bruce Powers 761-3036
Photography/web resources: Glenn Woodell 478-WIND

Japanese Ambassador to WET: Chris Zeitvogel

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