Sunday Sailing – Reserve Fleet

Take advantage of WET’s extensive reserve fleet during Sunday Sailing.

On most Sundays during the summer months, our trailer will be parked at Fort Monroe (Mill Creek) with the WET Reserve Fleet.  These events provide a great way for new members who have completed the intro class to continue working on their skills while reviewing, testing, and purchasing their own gear.

The boards and equipment are available on a first-come-first-served and a shared basis.  Contact us in advance so we can plan for the number of participants accordingly.

If you are not familiar with rigging or sailing, please let us know and we’ll work to have a trained instructor available.  Our goal is to ensure your success and support your love of windsurfing.


  1. Become a WET member
  2. Watch for email notifications stating when the fleet will be available – If you attended an intro class, you are already on distribution – If not, you can reach us at
  3. Contact the event organizer (provided via email) to let us know you’re planning to attend
  4. Provide a completed waiver form
  5. Show up to Mill Creek at Fort Monroe in Hampton, VA and enjoy a great afternoon of Sunday Sailing