WET Membership
WET membership supports local windsurfing events and promotion of the sport in this area. Also current paid member of WET are eligible for gear discounts at Virginia and North Carolina windsurfing shops from 10% to 20%. With your membership, you are also eligible for additional discounts on Regatta Fees, WET merchandise and membership to US Windsurfing.

Membership dues are $20 individual /$25 family annually. These dues have not changed since the early 90's. All dues run January through December and are not prorated by month. Dues received in December count toward the following year.

You can use Paypal or check to pay for membership.

First: You can pay using Paypal (Credit card or bank payment) or to pay by check click here.

Second: Fill in the waiver and send it to the address on the form (email or post).